Home Equity Line of Credit 

Need money for home improvement projects or unexpected costs? Sign up for a home equity line of credit with us and it may be the last loan you ever need.

What is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

A home equity line of credit, also called a HELOC loan, is not your typical loan. A HELOC loan lets you access the equity in your home through a revolving line of credit. Simply write a check whenever you need the extra cash over the draw period. There’s no penalty for prepayment, no annual fee and no closing costs!*

*MCT pays all closing costs. If you terminate your account within 36 months of opening it, you will be required to pay an Early Closure Fee consisting of (1) a $200 base fee, plus (2) any closing fees MCT paid on your behalf. 

Home Equity Line of Credit Rates

Your revolving line of credit has a variable annual percentage rate (APR) indexed to the Wall Street Journal Prime Rate, with a maximum APR of 18%. You can lock in segments of your HELOC loan within your approved credit limit at a fixed rate and term up to five times during the draw period.



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